• Bill Burr tells it like it is

    This was exactly what I espoused here in my piece “Why do normal people believe ridiculous things?

    Except way way funnier. The art about curling is sublime. H/T Rebecca Bradley or Beth Ann Erickson (one of my esteemed colleagues)



    Oh, and this brilliant quote:

    “This might be the most arrogant thing I say all night but actually resent the fact that I’m gonna get judged one day, like if that’s true. That somebody’s gonna judge me. That doesn’t even make any sense, like “Dude, you made me… this is YOUR fuck up. Alright? Let’s not try to turn this around on me. You know? Jesus Christ. You give me freedom of choice, you make whores, you have me suck at math, and you don’t think this things gonna go off the rails? Like, you set me up to fail and now you’ve got the BALLS to now question your own goddamn work.” Dude, if I made a car, if I built a car and it didn’t run, I wouldn’t like burn it forever: “YOU EVIL PIECE OF SHIT!” and light it on fire… I wouldn’t. I would troubleshoot: “Is there gas in the engine? Is the battery charged?! Anything beyond this and I’ve got to get a REAL MAN to look at this! But I believe in you! I’ll try and help you out…”

    So concisely put.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce