• APPENDIX (to On the Skepticism of Free Market Economics)

    APPENDIX (to On the Skepticism of Free Market Economics)

    You don’t need to read this, but here is a selection of irritating, immature quotes from the commenter which undergirds my efforts in my On the Skepticism of Free Market Economics series (which can be read here, here and here). I just felt the need to list these claims for posterity:

    I’m 30 years old, far better educated on this subject matter than that of yourself, rather quite clear when you’re that stupid you try to connect a Collectivist ideology called Crony Capitalism to that of Capitalism.

    Because whoever attempts to place a mixed economy above a free market, doesn’t even understand the very basics of economics. You are evidence of what is wrong with the educational system, United States? Capitalist country? Now you know why our Universities are a fucking disgrace.

    You really are embarrassing yourself,

    how stupid of you

    This is coming from someone who claims he is a teacher.

    Now you know why our Universities are a fucking disgrace.

    Rubbish, it proves you do not understand even basic economics, because whoever claims such a silly thing doesn’t understand history.

    Absolute economic illiterate, historic illiterate, left-wing degenerate garbage.. That’s how we know you have no understanding of the Industrial Revolution, because you bought into the government propagandist bullshit version of the Industrial Revolution history and you believed every bit of it.

    You clearly haven’t a clue about history and are very ignorant towards it, in fact extremely ignorant.

    You see, unlike you, I don’t read Marxist bullshit son, I read the Mises Institute that wiped the floor with you a long time ago. Let’s see how you stand up against that, you won’t last 5 minutes, I mean who in the right mind is that daft to think technological innovation didn’t cut down working hours? [Which I never said at all!]

    That goes to prove how ignorant you are towards history, how can we establish that? Because we have your own Marxist historian critiques in their own words to back up the very evidence that the vast majority of British society became wealthy by the 1870s, that blasts all your little mythology out the water.
    Bloody nanny statists, you lot make me sick.

    **smirk** can spot an idiot a mile off.

    However let’s move onto your left-wing economic degenerate lies where you say

    just proves your head is filled with air. You like lying don’t you?

    I think this proves how economically illiterate you are, why?

    If that wasn’t enough nonsense, get this laugh, you then say;

    And this is exactly why children are coming out of our schools believing pish! because people as economically illiterate as yourself are teaching in them. The only reason you can’t get one above me is because I studied independently from the Mises Institute, therefore you haven’t got a chance against someone such as myself. You on the other hand were taught the Fabian Socialist crap to brainwash kids with left-wing economic degenerate lies, yeah! you must feel like a right super hero now, eh!? Filling kids heads with nonsense!

    What you are feeding out to people is nothing other than complete and utter nonsense, and yes it’s nonsense

    You might pull the wool over someones eyes who don’t know any better, after all, you’re paid by the Fabian Society to feed out your psychopathic evil nonsense. You won’t pull the eyes over someone whose educated and would walk all over you on this subject issue.

    but someone such as yourself ignores that common sense, because you don’t like the fact you’re being hammered into the ground.

    where you pulled all this nonsense from just goes to show how historically and economically illiterate you are.

    Typical lefty, trying to pass the blame off elsewhere.

    After spouting lies, you have convinced yourself you are right. How hilariously funny.

    **smirk** don’t come more stupid than that, I’ll tell you that for sure.

    Yes, well your lies is becoming boring. Your Fabian Socialism might work on some other economic degenerate, but it won’t work on someone smarter than yourself. Mr I fund aid into Government of African countries and think theory is more important than practice. Worked out really well that did, didn’t it Donkey? What’s wrong, can’t handle the fact the private sector produced those goods which cut down working hours? Funny how Communist countries have people working endless hours for practically nothing. They are the most socialist government interventionist style of economies. Oh but I thought government was a saviour? **smirk**

    You really do talk some load of shit!

    Nonsense! The only people who would trust and believe that bullshit, are people too blind to see they’re being lied to by paid off shills such as yourself that spread bullshit about that time period. Stick that source up your backside:

    I don’t let pathological liars such as yourself feed out nonsense, pfft lunatic!

    but there you go, that proves how uneducated you are.

    Absolute nonsense, you might get away with that complete and utter lies to people who don’t know any better, but someone like me who knows what he is talking about, you don’t stand a chance.

    Even in the United States we can provide evidence to show how much crap you spout.

    As for Chile, I don’t know where you got that information from? Was that the Marxist manipulated lying Wikipedia by any chance? … complete and utter left-wing economic degenerate, made up bullshit lies. In fact it’s that abusive it seems someone has went in there and rewritten that history to suit their own agenda, how sad. All you have done after reading that is pulled out complete and utter nonsense, because if it wasn’t for the private ownership of Chile, their economy would never have grown. Here comes this bullshit yet against about state owned copper, state owned copper son? It’s the private sector and the free trade of allowing other organisations from abroad to come in and freely dig in their copper mines to do trade (Capitalism) that brings in the money, not because some state owns a bloody copper industry. This is living proof you have no understanding of economics

    Copy and paste this into your web browser, what comes up? Wikipedia. Knew it! That is the same Marxist manipulated controlled ignorant website that tries to connect Corporatism to that of Capitalism. I don’t trust Wikipedia for as far as I could throw a stick. Oh and by the way, I’m not a monetarist, I stand against it, I’m a gold bug. The free market began in Chile in the early to mid 1980’s around about the period I was born, so I see no point in what you are posting. I mean proving from above just how much crap Wikipedia posts out, you posted something about a strongly Socialist government after the 1982 crisis which saw growth? Garbage, because after 1982 it was the free market. That’s exactly what I mean about Wikipedia, who manipulated that bullshit? [JP – This is hilarious because wikipedia is an example of free market knowledge. The irony is amazingly delicious, especially since research has shown it to be very accurate]

    No wonder you’re an economic degenerate.

    You throw around all these fancy words and sentences with no sense of what you’re even talking about.

    It’s a bit like the hurling bullshit you leftists read and try to spout

    You spout nothing but left-wing economic, historically illiterate, degenerate bullshit about a time period you know nothing about. You persist on lying about the time period and anyone willing to read can read what refutes all your illiterate bullshit above.

    It’s not false dichotomy either, it’s just you can’t stand the fact the Mises Institute wiped the floor with you.
    You can’t answer it because I’ve wiped the floor with you, you talk shit.

    Talk about being clueless, because Hong Kong is a free market. The term free market is not defined in black and white, it’s like a scale, it’s how free your market economy is, one which typically has strong business freedom where the market sets the prices of everything. That is Hong Kong and Chile.

    Then we’ll see how much of a smart arse you are then.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce