• UKIP Christian group: Manchester Pride is a ‘parade of depravity’

    UKIP, The British, but more popular version of the Tea Party, is stooping to new lows, as if that was possible. One of their authorised group,  a Christian group whose tag line is “Fighting through Christ for deliverance form EU tyranny”, has made declarations about homosexuality and Manchester’s gay Pride event which seem right out of a previous century. This is from The Pink News (H/T Matthew Coussell through via Hope Not Hate):

    A Christian group authorised by UKIP has claimed that being gay is a “vice”, and that Manchester Pride is a parade of “wickedness”.

    The fringe group, Christian Soldiers of UKIP, distributed a newsletter that lays into the Pride parade, claiming that gay people are “sodomites”.

    The UK Independence Party claims the group is “authorised but not official” – but UKIP advertised the group’s events at their party’s conference, and Nigel Farage himself has previously written in the newsletter.

    The contentious newsletter, published by the group last year, reads: : “Thousands of people proclaiming their pride in their depravity paraded through the streets watched by multiple thousands of supporters applauding the display of wickedness and seeking to drown out the voices of the few crying in the wilderness.

    “There are those who say that we shouldn’t be witnessing at these events because they are given over by God to this vice as per Romans Chapter 1.

    “While this is undoubtedly true of many, it is not true of all because homosexuals are being converted. The same could be said of most sinners.

    “New Sodom is being largely unopposed and are intent, as I have repeatedly warned, of enforcing their agenda upon all.

    “Please write to Asda and tell them that as a Christian you will no longer shop with them because of their support for the ‘gay march’ in Manchester which took place in front of little children during the day.”

    The group also raised objections to the presence of floats from teaching unions NAWT and the NUT.

    A spokesperson for UKIP said: “These groups are authorised but not official, they are mechanisms for members with shared interests to associate but have no official role or status. They do not represent the party or its policies.

    “This leaflet was recently brought to our attention. Authorised groups are not allowed to invent UKIP policy, and we do not consider that this leaflet is of an acceptable standard to be associated with the UKIP brand.”


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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce