• My 3-year-old makes an evolutionary hypothesis

    OK so my twins are almost 4, but that doesn’t stop me being proud when they make what appears to be good causal connections about the world around them. In this case, looking closely at a dinosaur boo, this is what happened. I was busy getting dressed and ready for work; I was impatiently in a hurry.Apatosaurus-palaeontology-3748077-330-228

    Oscar: Daddy, what are these for? [pointing to a slight, colourful ridge along the back of an apatosaur)


    Oscar: Daddy, Daddy, what are these for?


    Oscar: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy… [etc]

    Daddy: Yes!

    Oscar: What are these for? [pointing]

    Daddy: [looking] Um, don’t know.

    Oscar: Daddy, Daddy, what are these for?

    Daddy: I’m sorry,, Oscar, I don’t know.

    Oscar: You do!

    Daddy: [perplexed at how a 3-year-old can know what’s inside his own adult mind] Er, I don’t. I’m in a hurry, Oscar.

    Oscar: You do, Daddy! YOU DO!

    Daddy: I don’t.

    Oscar: I think they’re to stop flying birds on.

    Daddy: [pauses doing up his shirt] Wow Oscar, I think that is an evolutionary hypothesis! Well done! Awesome stuff!

    Oscar: ? [WTF?]


    I wonder whether attack from above was ever a problem? Either way, good thinking, son.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce