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    Gregg Caruso, an author on free will, is now editor-in-chief of a nascent open source journal which is well worth perusing: Science, Religion & Culture.

    It’s aims are as follows:

    Science, Religion and Culture (SRC; ISSN 2055-222X) is an open access interdisciplinary journal focused on bringing together research and theoretical analysis from the physical, biological, and social sciences with ideas from philosophy, theology, and religious studies. It aims at exploring the unique relationship between science, religion, and culture, and it welcomes submissions from all perspectives and religious traditions—including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, secularism, humanism, and naturalism. Given that science and religion are two great manifestations of human culture, special focus is given to the various ways modern science—including the disciplines of physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, neuroscience, mathematics, sociology, and anthropology—support, oppose, inform, or are informed by religious, theological, and cultural perspectives. Additional focus is given to perspectives on science, religion, and culture from different geographical regions, cultures, religions, and historical epochs.

    Science, Religion and Culture is dedicated to:

    -Publishing the highest-quality, peer-reviewed work on the relationship between science, religion, and culture.

    -Driving and shaping the conversation by ensuring high standards and by encouraging attention to the entire range of scientific, religious, cultural, and philosophical issues.

    -Raising the standards of discussion by promoting interdisciplinary research, which is empirically well-informed and philosophically sophisticated.

    -Keeping readers up-to-date on relevant developments in the sciences—including, but not limited to, physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, neuroscience, mathematics, sociology, and anthropology—and exploring how these developments support, oppose, inform, or are informed by religion and theology.

    -Providing useful and informative reviews, including extended critical reviews and short summaries.

    -Publishing papers from workshops, symposia, and conferences that SRC will collectively encourage and/or organize.

    The journal will be highly inclusive in its scope: it will seek contributions from a range of different perspectives, traditions, and academic disciplines; as such, it will seek to promote fruitful dialogue between all communities interested in the intersection of science, religion, and culture.

    Here is the line-up from the first issue:


    Book Review



    Category: Philosophy of ReligionReligion and SocietyScience and religion


    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce