• Pearced Off! More Skepticule Counter-Apologetics Segments Out

    I, as you may well know, contribute to the Skepticule podcast by recording a counter-apologetics segment for them, Pearced Off. My segment is always followed by an interesting discussion of ideas brought up by the ‘panel’ of Pauls.

    Here are the latest offerings, with the times at which I speak:

    Skepticule 58 – Why I am against Burkhas. 55.30

    Skepticule 59 – The shrinking explanatory power of God. 56.30

    Skepticule 60 – Rebecca Ferguson and the incoherence of intercessory prayer. 1.10.20

    Skepticule 62 – The Thinker’s Evolutionary Argument Against God. 58.25

    Skepticule 63 – Islam vs Christianity – the difference of approach and where are they going next? 1.00.00


    These follow on from previous ones:

    Skepticule 53 – Heaven not being moral justification, just mere compensation. 1:04:40

    Skepticule 55 – God cannot know he is omniscient and cannot act contrary to his own predictions. 56:25

    Skepticule 56 – Why I am rationally Islamaphobic. 24:15

    Skepticule 57 – (Ordinary) morality implies atheism. 23:05

    Skepticule is also available on iTunes as well as from the links above. Please subscribe and support the efforts of the three Pauls!

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce