• Ha Ha Ha… Lightning Bolt.

    My book, The Little Book of Unholy Questions, is a cumulative case against God (the Judeo-Christian version predominantly, but not exclusively) and it includes a number of chapters on different topics. I will include the last questions in the book before I sum up there. These questions are by an large irreverent. But actually, many do pack a punch, if you tease out what they can lead to.

    First and foremost, I urge you to buy the book. Of course…

    Secondly, think about what these tongue-in-cheek questions can say about God’s characteristics and their ramifications given his claimed existence. Some are mine, some gleaned from the internet and some from talking to others:

    475. Was the designing of defecation entirely necessary?

    476. Why do I have so many odd socks?

    477. PMS. Why? No, really, why?

    478. What are you doing up there, when you should be down here healing the chaos?

    479. Star Wars or Star Trek? As irrelevant as this sounds it provokes some deeper thought. If God really does have a favourite, then what would it be, and how would it be calculated? As the most loving God, would he be bound to like the show that had the highest moral pedigree? Therefore, God could have no free will in liking what he wanted to like.

    480. (I love it for its bizarre appeal) Can I be a galaxy?

    481. Would you cease to exist if everyone in existence no longer believed in you?

    482. How many angels does it take to change a light bulb?

    483. Why do you insist on revealing your image on pieces of toast and suchlike?

    484. When’s your new book coming out (after all, it’s been two thousand years since your last one)?

    485. Do you really control everything or do you delegate?

    486. If you are a fair and just God, and wish that to be reflected in an egalitarian society of humans on earth, then why do you allow the Republican Party to continue existing in the US?

    487. Er, the Tea Party ?

    488. I have asked you shed loads of questions before, and you’ve never bothered answering them. What are the chances you’ll end up answering any of these?

    489. Why do you hate little African children?

    490. Have you ever wanted to quit your job?

    491. How come we don’t see you round these parts any more?

    492. What’s the most difficult question to answer?

    493. Given that you are omnipotent, do you even have the concept of what difficult and easy is?

    494. Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

    495. If you didn’t mean for people to do drugs, then why did you leave them around everywhere?

    496. What’s the last digit of π?

    497. Do you get a warm, fuzzy feeling around Christmas time?

    498. When a hospital patient survives, the family thanks you. When the patient dies, the family often sues the doctors. Shouldn’t they sue you and give the doctor a break?

    499. Why should I believe in the Christian God when Thor has a sweet Hammer and Zeus has awesome Lightning Bolts?

    500. If you rested on the seventh day, who was running things?

    501. Am I going to hell?

    I love the question about whether we could be made a galaxy. This sounds silly, but could God feasibly attach sentience to any conglomeration or dispersal of matter? Could God attach sentience and personhood, say, to a cubic metre of air? Because classic interpretations of God would admit that he could.

    Anyway, just a little post to while away your Saturday afternoon…


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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce