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    This is something that has been a long time in the making from local friends of mine whom I met through Transition Fareham, part of the Transition Network, which seeks to tackle the peak oil problem on a local level. Kate and Paul are visionaries who have gone out there and done things make the world a better place.

    The Global Documentary was brought about by a belief that in order to create a better future, it is necessary for each of us to help create it.

    On Friday 8th November the first screening of Global Documentary’s film Connected was held at Southampton Solent University. Five years in the making, the film was made by Southampton residents Kate and Paul Maple and addresses how society to can transition to a fairer and more sustainable way of life. By focusing on solutions rather than problems the film aims to contribute towards making action possible and asks those already working towards change how we can achieve it. The film is the starting point for the Global Documentary Project and will coincide with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign – raising funds for a conference and interactive global TV web programme in March 2014 at the Solent University Conference Centre, aiming to bring changemakers from all over the world together to share ideas and solutions for a better future. The film was released online following the screening. You can use our media links below to keep up to date with the project or email us for more information at:  team@globaldocumentary.co.uk


     Now, come March, there will be this gathering of potential cvhange-makers (we all are, of course) and like-minded people in Southampton, UK. It will be a live and interactive webcast with a focus on answers, not problems.

    Embrace The Change is about changing our world for the better. Inspiring speakers will gather at Southampton Solent University, on the 27th March from 7pm – 9pm GMT, to discuss solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing us today. Key speakers will present short talks and there will be open debate with a studio audience and also with viewers online. This is an opportunity to truly connect on a global scale to air views on topics such as: economy, environment, media and how individuals can make a difference.

    A team of researchers will facilitate the online discussion to allow people from all over the world to join in, plus, experts from the US, New Zealand and Geneva will air their views via Skype.

    Embrace the Change will focus on solutions – how to make change happen, how together we can influence society towards a better future for everyone.

    Location: Studio Solent, Southampton Solent University, SO14 0YN
    Online at www.globaldocumentary.org

    Change Local – Celebrating Local Success Stories. During the day of the broadcast from 1 – 5pm, we will be celebrating stories of some of the fantastic projects that are already happening in the local area. There will be personal accounts from people living in Southampton and Hampshire, on what motivated them to change and how they have made an impact on what matters to them.

    Location: Conference Centre, Southampton Solent University, SO14 7NN

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce