• Faith: Pretending to know what we do not know

    Using Peter Boghossian’s analysis of “faith” from his book A Manual for Creating Atheists, this is part of a project to create a parody of Pope Francis’s June 2013 essay on faith, Lumen Fidei.

    The project is educational in nature, seeking to practice with the idea of replacing the term “faith” with the meaning Boghossian identifies: pretending ot know something that one does not know. The results are often both edifying and humorous, and the effort is both entertaining and educational. “Lux de Simulans Scire” is Latin for “Light of Pretending to Know.”

    The Pope’s Lumen Fidei appears in 60 parts, and participants are encouraged to take one, two, or a few of them and “Boghossify” them. A complete list of those parts Boghossified are given in the link above.

    Category: Epistemology


    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce