• Bill Nye the Science Guy to debate evolution with creationist (Ken Ham)

    NBC news:

    Bill Nye the Science Guy plans to visit Kentucky next month for a creation-vs.-evolution debate with Creation Museum founder Ken Ham.

    Ham wrote on his blog that the museum will host Nye, the star of a long-running science show for kids, on Feb. 4.

    Nye has been critical of creationists for their opposition to evolution and their assertions that the Old Testament provides a literal account of the earth’s beginnings. In an online video that has drawn nearly 6 million views, Nye said teaching creationism was bad for children.

    The video prompted a response video from the Creation Museum, and Ham later challenged him to a debate.

    “Our staff thought that a debate on creation vs. evolution with a man who has influenced so many children to believe in evolution would be a good idea,” Ham wrote.

    In addition to founding the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., Ham is also the president, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-U.S. Nye hosted “Bill Nye the Science Guy”starting in 1993, and is now executive director of the Planetary Society.

    Christine Sposari, a spokeswoman for Nye, confirmed that the debate was on the science educator’s schedule. “They’re hosting Bill,” she told NBC News.

    Tickets for the evening debate at the museum’s Legacy Hall, titled “Is Creation a Viable Model of Origins,” are $25.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce