• New counter-apologetics podcast segments available

    I, as you may well know, contribute to the Skepticule podcast by recording a counter-apologetics segment for them, Pearced Off. My segment is always followed by an interesting discussion of ideas brought up by the ‘panel’ of Pauls.

    Here are the latest offerings:

    Skepticule 53 – Heaven not being moral justification, just mere compensation. 1:04:40

    Skepticule 55 – God cannot know he is omniscient and cannot act contrary to his own predictions. 56:25

    Skepticule 56 – Why I am rationally Islamaphobic. 24:15

    Skepticule 57 – (Ordinary) morality implies atheism. 23:05

    Skepticule is also available on iTunes as well as from the links above. Please subscribe and support the efforts of the three Pauls!


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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce