• Book description for “Christianity is Not Great” which features a chapter from me

    John Loftus’ new book features a chapter from yours truly. Here is the description he has in place for the forthcoming anthology:

    For the chapter titles and authors see here. Now for the description:

    This anthology focuses on the harms of Christian faith that best explain why atheists argue against it. It contains new substantive essays written by superior authors on many of the most important topics relevant to its theme. In Part 1 the authors begin by showing that faith itself is the problem. It has no method, solves no problems, and gets in the way of the progress of science. With faith as a foundation almost anything can be believed or denied. Almost any horrific deed can be done too.

    In Parts 2 through 4 the authors take a good hard look at many of the most important political, institutional, scientific, social and moral harms the Christian faith has generated. The Christian faith has caused and is causing great harm to the rest of us who want to live a peaceful successful life on this planet.

    In the final part the authors answer the triple Christian retorts that 1) atheists cannot judge a harmful action without an objective moral standard, that 2) atheists need faith to solve the world’s problems, and that 3) atheists cannot live a good life without faith.

    The harms of Christian faith need to be explained, not explained away. This is especially the case if there is a perfectly loving omnipotent omniscient God who invented it. The essays in this book clearly show that such a God-concept is not the author of the Christian faith based in the Bible with its terrible track record in history.

    That’s the point of the book. The Christian faith can be empirically tested by the amount of harm it has done and continues to do in our world, given the Christian God-concept. The result is that Christianity fails miserably.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce