• Quote of the Day – kraut2

    Over on the post detailing how God cannot be contrary to his own predictions, kraut2 gave a wickedly succinct tuppence:

    A god who created despite foreknowledge of the cruelty of his creation (not only the one inflicted by humans) is a malicious entity, a sadist and a monster.

    The utmost idiocy then is the construct of a divine sacrifice of a son to remedy a situation that was known beforehand. Adding a touch of capriciousness and theatrics to the before mentioned attributes.

    Anybody who is actually capable of worshipping such a monster is at the same level as the worshippers of the gods in the Incan empire who cut the hearts out of their living victims.

    May all the monstrosities called “abrahamic” religions die a fast death.


    Category: God's CharacteristicsPhilosophy of Religion


    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce