• Zombie Ants!

    Some time ago, one of my regular commenters steered me toward listening to this podcast. It is brilliant and well worth a listen, indeed.

    The notes for the podcast are:

    WHAT IF YOUR WILL WERE NOT YOUR OWN? What if your mind were being controlled by something other than your own volition? This isn’t an imaginary scenario. Real lifeforms here on earth can profoundly influence the behavior of other lifeforms, turning them into helpless zombies, forced to do the bidding of their emotionless masters. In this episode of MonsterTalk, we interview entomologist David Hughes about host behavior modification by parasitic organisms.

    For more information on David’s work, visit Hughes Lab, part of the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics and The Huck Institute for Life Science at Pennsylvania State University.

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    Category: Science


    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce