• Google Hangout with Justin Schieber and Counter Apologist – come join us!

    For those of you who do not know what a Google Hangout is, it is effectively a Skype call with multiple people which is broadcast to the public so that they can watch (though not join in). It can be recorded and posted to You Tube. It’s a great feature with good functionality.

    Anyway, after seeing Justin Schieber and Counter Apologist involved in one recently (with Moonwalking Unicorn), I thought it would nice to have one too. So the three of us are getting together to have a chat about the Problem of Evil, both the logical and evidential form. It would be great for you guys to listen in. It is scheduled for 16:00 EST, or 21:00 GMT (UK time), on Wednesday 28th. It will be, at the longest, 1.5 hours, but could be shorter. It will be on You Tube afterwards if you are unable to join us. Counter Apologist is hosting.

    The hashtag for those atheist twitterers is #CAVirtualBeers.

    Category: AtheismProblem of Evil


    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce