• Counter-apologetics on Original Sin, Adam and Eve, the Westboro Baptist Church etc available now!

    I, as you may well know, contribute to the Skepticule podcast by recording a counter-apologetics segment for them, Pearced Off. My segment is always followed by an interesting discussion of ideas brought up by the ‘panel’ of Pauls.

    Here are the latest offerings:

    Skepticule 50 – When just about enough evidence to believe is equivalent to a cross on the moon for someone else. 1.06:18

    Skepticule 51 – How the Westboro Baptist Church are more logically consistent than liberal Christians. 37:00

    Skepticule 52 – Original Sin, Adam And Eve, and the dilemma of unfair representation. 1.01:15


    Together with some earlier ones for your edification:

    Skepticule 46 –  Circularity of belief in the New Testament 1.14.46 (although not much talk about this one! Must have been complete agreement…)

    Skepticule 47 – Is this the best possible world and does God have free will? 50.00

    Skepticule 48 – Kalam Cosmological Argument vs Libertarian Free Will – you can’t believe them both! 55.00

    Skepticule 49 – Why didn’t God design us to photosynthesise? (Problem of evil) 39.30

    Please please download and listen to them. I have shown the times for my segments but ask that you listen to the whole podcasts, they are good stuff.

    You can either listen by streaming or by clicking on the Direct Download link.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce