• The “Case for God” on Trial

    Here is my talk to the Dorset Humanists given this last week. It was really well received and got great feedback from audience and organisers alike. The video is of good quality though you may need to turn it up to hear some of the questions a little more clearly. The chops are out and looking mighty bushy, so all seems to have gone well.

    The arguments I looked at were:

    •The creation of non-God objects – why would a perfect god create at all?
    •The Kalam cosmological Argument – why the argument for a prime mover ain’t all that
    •Why don’t we photosynthesise? – the problem of evil
    •Why create people with more or less likelihood to believe in him?
    •The stupidity of (believing in) the Exodus

    Category: Philosophical Argument Against GodProblem of EvilSpeaking Engagements


    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce