• New Talk – “The Case for God on Trial” went down a treat

    I gave my first talk of this name this week to Dorset Humanists, covering five different arguments (4 against God and 1 for), allowing for audience participation after each argument. Personally, I really enjoyed it – disseminating some quite intricate, at times, philosophical and theological arguments to a popular audience, though with some well-qualified members of the audience, too. I enjoyed talking after the presentation to an ex-professional philosopher (Head of Philosophy at Ontario University or some such place) and an ex-Monseigneur of the Catholic Church! Great.

    What was so fulfilling was the feedback afterwards both from the audience members I talked to and the organisers themselves. Really appreciated.

    I also enjoyed having a to-and-fro between an evangelical fundamentalist in the audience, as Christians were invited to come along too. I love that discursive battling of minds and thoughts and ideas. That floats my boat!

    Anyway, a very great thanks to Dorset Humanists who have invited me back for the third time – long may that relationship continue!

    I am presently being sent the video of the talk which I will submit to Youtube and then embed here for your intellectual edification…

    The arguments i set out were:

    •The creation of non-God objects – why would a perfect god create at all?
    •The Kalam cosmological Argument – why the argument for a prime mover ain’t all that
    •Why don’t we photosynthesise? – the problem of evil
    •Why create people with more or less likelihood to believe in him?
    •The stupidity of (believing in) the Exodus

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce