• Evolution, Censorship and Adam Deen

    Adam Deen is a Muslim apologist famous in the UK for defending, publicly, the philosophy and theology of Islam often touching on scientific contexts.

    Skydivephil is an awesome duo who you might remember from here  who often have William Lane Craig in their sights (where in the linked video they owned him on his claims about animal suffering, first in his debate with Stephen Law).

    This embedded video talks about evolution, but also the idea that Adam Deen is more interested in supposed copyright infringements than honest and open debate. It’s a shocker.

    Check it out!



    This is an interesting reply from Skydivephil to a reply to him from someone about the above video. What is interesting is that THIS guy has shots from Adam Deen’s website and ISN’T pulled for copyright – obviously because he agrees with him! Double standards!

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce