• Chalcedon Pastor Claims There Is ‘a Place for Slavery in Godly Cultures’

    “In a recently posted You Tube sermon, the pastor of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church, Dr. Joe Morecraft says in a Biblical society, the godly must own “the fool who despises God’s wisdom” because it’s the only way to keep those with a “slave mentality” from ruining other people’s families.

    The big shame is that the video I was going to embed has now gone private! That’s got to tell you something…


    Based on Proverbs 11:29, Morecraft makes a case for Biblically justified enslavement of a man who does not “trust in Christ” since slavery is the only way to “keep a fool under wraps.””

    Not believing in Jesus as your *Lord* means you have a “slave mentality”? That´s a new one…

    Link to the article.

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    Article by: Andreas Schueler