• Teh Gayz

    This piece of genius was sent to me. From whence it came, I know not:

    God made Adam and Eve and the Devil made the pee pee and the whoo whoo. Oh wait…

    Seriously. WTF is up with that? It’s astonishing to think that these people (who think nothing of carpetbombing whole villages of screaming civilians – men, women, and children), all they can think of when asked to define evil is… sex.

    Specifically the thought of two consensual adult men loving each other is so… horrifying that these republicans can’t sleep until they’ve peeked into everyone’s bedroom and saw for themselves that all is well and that everyone is only having sex for the purposes of having children… like they do. They barely have a sex life anyway and they’re outraged that other people could actually be having sex for fun!

    ‘What kind of satanism is this shiz!’, says the white haired righteous old man who hadn’t had sex with his wife in twenty years.

    Conservatives/Ultrarightists are turning the world into a warzone bit by bit and then they blame it all on teh gayz. It isn’t the gays who rape children, it’s the vatican. It isn’t the gays who beat women up and rape their own daughters, it’s good ole biblethumping patriarchs. It isn’t the gays blowing themselves up, it’s extremist religious whackos. It isn’t the gays who beat random people up in dark alleys, manipulate foreign governments, brainwash 10-year olds in sunday schools with stories of ancient slaughter and rape and tell them that’s what ‘God’s love’ is, kill people by the millions for ideology, discriminate by basis of race, have love affairs with guns, continually push for war, glorify mindless sports over intellectual pursuits, take away money from medical research to buy more nukes, take advantage of the starving masses to build multimillion dollar empires, hunt endangered animals for fun, or make bigass environmental disasters because of greed.

    It’s not the gays who are evil. It’s you.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce