• The Devil maligned?

    This picture has been doing the facebook rounds. It made me chortle, but also made me think about the devil, and hell. Much of my thoughts on hell have been expressed in the video below, but there are few interesting points that have come up recently which have made me think, aha, that’s interesting.



    The Devil seems to be, perhaps, a little maligned. He has done a lot less damage than God, and it’s not as if he is omnioptent to do anything about it. God is the one in the driving seat.

    Of course, he doesn’t exist, and makes no sense within a framework of an omniGod. Why would God keep on with Satan? Being omnipotent, he could snuff him out in a second. There is so much wrong with the concept it appears almost philosophically infantile.



    This video shows another very interesting slant on the topic. Be warned, this video contains swearing, and lots of. But it is very funny. If you are pressed for time, listen from about 1.24 for the relevant hell section:



    If Satan does exist, and he digs evil, then surely he would be more than happy that people would be going to hell. He would really dig your behaviour. He wouldn’t be punishing you, he’d be celebrating you!

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce