• Two Talks on Free Will and Other Dates…

    Good news on the speaking front, for me (not that any of you will particularly care!). I have been booked for two speaking engagements in March to talk about free will (or the lack thereof). Dorset Humanists have asked me to come and speak on March 28th in Bournemouth at the Green House Hotel. You can see their events list here. Furthermore, Southampton Atheist Society have asked me to speak on free will on March 8th at Southampton University (Nuffield Theatre).

    More good news is that the Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub have asked me back to host one of the tables in their round table discussion whereby several speakers who have spoken at PSITP recently will host different discussion tables for guests to sit around and talk over thing – discuss and debate. I am not sure of the finer details as to how exactly this will look or work, but I am very excited about the prospect – it sounds excellent.

    And another great development is that Hampshire Skeptics, based in Winchester, are probably going to ask me to speak in Winchester later this year, too, which is fantastic. Onwards and upwards, and all that.

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    For those of you wanting to check out any of my former talks and debates, here is a list of links:


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    I have embedded some of the above links:



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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce