• A regular counter-apologist podcast segment and my Nativity talk as a podcast, too!

    Good news. Well, for me at any rate. I have been very kindly offered a short counter-apologist segment on a neat podcast called Skepticule – check out their previous offerings. It is run by three different Paul’s, one of whom (Paul Jenkins) I met through Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub, and who runs his own useful blog, Notes from an Evil Burnee.

    Anywho, Skepticule ran a podcast of one of my free will talks and are now running the podcast of my Nativity talk given to the Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub. It should be available in the very near future. I know podcasts are useful for us people on the move who need things to listen to in the car or what have you.

    So now you can hear about the Nativity and hear my dulcet tones on counter-apologetic issues. I can feel your excitement building.

    Will keep you posted as to when they become available.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce