• Three Speaking Events Booked for December and a Radio Debate!

    So, with the release of The Nativity: A Critical Examination this year, I have several speaking events arranged in the local area, with another potential date in the pipeline too. I will be delivering a talk on the reliability of the nativity accounts to the Association of Humanist Societies at Southampton University. The Atheist Society have kindly asked me to talk during a conference they are putting on for other student atheist societies (on how to run them effectively). The talk is penciled in for the afternoon of Saturday 1st December at 3pm at Southampton University, though it is not only for students – the general public can get in on the action too!

    I have another talk organised by the Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub group on the 13th December at the Atrium on Albert Rd in Portsmouth on the same subject. Check out the facebook page here.

    A third talk on the Nativity is possibly taking place in Bournemouth in late December. I’ll keep you posted.

    A super-exciting prospect is a radio debate planned against apologist Randal Rauser. This will be on the reliability of the Gospel nativity accounts and will take place on the Reasonable Doubts podcast. The pre-recorded debate will be broadcast sometime in December.

    Reasonable Doubts is an award winning radio show and podcast for people who won’t “just take things on faith.” RD’s mission is to investigate the claims of religion from a fair-minded yet critical perspective. In addition to interviewing the top minds in skepticism, RD offers regular segments on religious apologetics, psychology of religion, biblical criticism, and mythology. RD is a production of WPRR Reality Radio (Grand Rapids, MI) and was the winner of the 2009 Peoples Choice Award for Best Religious/Inspirational Podcast.

    I’m very excited about all of these projects and will be very busy indeed over the next month or so.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce