• My last talk is now a podcast: “Free Will?”

    My last public talk which I gave, on free will, has now been made into a podcast which can be heard here. The talk, given to Portsmouth Skeptics in a Pub on 14th June 2012, was a nice informal gathering of about 50-odd people of varying skeptical persuasions. I have not listened to it yet, but the Q and A was an interesting and challenging time with some good questions which I think I dealt with pretty well.

    See what you think and post any comments below. Thanks to Paul Jenkins of PSITP for putting this together as Skepticule (episode 14). It was good to see Paul at Laurence Krauss the other night!

    The talk is set out as a refutation of Libertarian Free Will from a philosophical and scientific point of view.

    Category: Free Will and Determinism


    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce