• A New Era

    So a new era arrives, one of this wonderful community known as Skeptic Blogs. Please take a look at About ATP to get an idea of where this blog is going.This blog will seek to continue the work I have been doing on my existing blog and the blogging I have been doing for John Loftus’ Debunking Christianity, which has been an absolute pleasure. I will also be having contributions from Andreas Schüler, a molecular evolutionary biologist, and Cody Rudisill, with theological training to give a balance and variety to the blog. I will also accept the occasional guest blog from others – contact me if you want to submit something of interest.

    There will be a healthy mix of philosophy, theology and science to give you a balanced diet of freethought and critical analysis of the world around us. There will also be essays (or links to my essays) as well as links or copies of interesting articles in the relevant fields. I welcome dissenting views passionately since discourse and discussion is valuable, essential even, to a healthy and interesting blog.

    Come along and enjoy the journey! Let’s make it lively.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce