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    Since life is ridiculously busy for me at the moment, I thought it would be appropriate to report on a couple of events from last year that seem relevant to this blog.

    My first academic philosophy article was published last year, in Faith and Philosophy, one of the leading journals in philosophy of religion.  Here is the abstract:

    Infinity Minus Infinity

    In this note, I consider an argument advanced by William Lane Craig and James D. Sinclair against the possibility of actual infinite collections based on Hilbert’s Hotel and alleged problems with inverse operations in transfinite arithmetic. I aim to show that this argument is misguided, since it is based on a mistaken view that the impossibility of defining ℵ0 – ℵ0 entails the impossibility of removing an infinite subcollection from an infinite collection.

    The article covers some similar ideas to a previous blog of the same title, and was described by the anonymous referees as “clearly and beautifully worked out”, and “a very elegant way of saying what’s wrong with Craig’s reasoning”.

    And here is a little talk I gave for high school students, with the corny title of Infinity and Beyond:


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