• She’s a woman AND she supports gays! NOOO!!!


    A couple of days ago, I posted about Sarah Macneil, Australia’s first female Anglican bishop.

    Obviously, many Anglicans are up in arms about this.  How could a woman lead a church, let alone a bunch of churches?  Well, it gets a whole lot worse.  You see, Dr Macneil actually thinks the Anglican church should ordain homosexuals!  Are you outraged?  I sure am!  I mean, first women in charge, and next gays?!

    You can read about it in the following article:

    Australia’s First Female Diocesan Bishop – we should ordain homosexuals and the Cross does not save

    As the title suggests, the article also goes into detail about Dr Macneil’s views on the crucifixion of Jesus, and its role in salvation – let’s just say they diverge from the standard conservative understanding.  Go ahead and have a read.  You’ll get the story straight from Sydney Anglican minister, David Ould, and the discussions in the comments section are interesting reading, too.

    After leaving Christianity, it’s amazing to sit back and watch these guys fret over the evils of someone who is supportive of the members of the gay community.  As a former Bible believing, conservative evangelical, I am ashamed to admit that I used to tow the party line in my disapproval of gay people.  Leaving Christianity behind has certainly allowed me to become much more compassionate and appreciative of this wonderful bunch of people – some of my favourite people in the world are gay.  When people ask me if anything has changed for the better as a result of my deconversion, this is the example I always give.

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