• Thoughtful Blog Thursday


    You’ve probably come across #FF (Follow Friday) on Twitter. In a similar spirit, starting tomorrow I will try, every Thursday, to promote a blog on any subject that I find interesting and thoughtful. I find that these blogs often get lost in a sea of sensationalism and inter-personal drama, and it will be a good exercise (for me, at least) to seek them out and link to them.

    The criteria will be something like:

    • Be philosophical and reflective, not necessarily knowledgeable or expert
    • Try to be charitable when arguing against a position
    • Try to engage in a civil and constructive way
    • Treat commenters with respect, especially if they’re disagreeing politely

    I’ll try to find a stand-out post from the featured blog and briefly engage with it.

    I’ll be grateful for any recommendations. Please use the contact form, or the comments on this post. I’ll just do one a week, so I’ll get around to each one eventually.

    I should also say that there are plenty of thoughtful blogs on Skeptic Ink, but I’ll try to avoid them (at least for the first few weeks) so that people don’t think I’m too biased!


    Category: Miscellaneous

    Article by: Notung

    I started as a music student, studying at university and music college, and playing trombone for various orchestras. While at music college, I became interested in philosophy, and eventually went on to complete an MA in Philosophy in 2012. An atheist for as long as I could think for myself, a skeptic, and a political lefty, my main philosophical interests include epistemology, ethics, logic and the philosophy of religion. The purpose of Notung (named after the name of the sword in Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen) is to concentrate on these issues, examining them as critically as possible.