• Islamic Malaysia: Petting Dogs “Offensive”, Professional “Amputationists” Not Offensive

    It just amazes me how anyone can find such trivial things offensive. The stories of Muslim anger are sounding more and more like they could be from the Onion. Except they are not. Some are finding the act of petting dogs “provocative“, and claim it is “testing their patience”. (Lol).

    The “I Want To Touch A Dog” event should not have been held in Muslim-majority Malaysia as viral images of Muslims petting dogs have caused great uneasiness and public discomfort, an Utusan columnist claimed today.

    Writing under the column “Coretan Marhaen”, columnist Marhaini Kamaruddin pointed out that there was no need to court “controversy” with such a highly-publicised event as Islam already had clear guidelines on the humane treatment of animals.

    “Following this controversial campaign, I feel that it is not the negative perception Muslims have towards dogs which needs to be corrected but the negative perception non-Muslims have on why Muslims cannot touch dogs which needs proper explanation and comprehension.

    Why are seen Muslims as assholes? To find the “explanation” just look in the mirror, Ma’am!

    “Unless we want to purposely cause provocation, there is no need for this type of campaign to be held,” the Utusan writer said in her column published by the Malay broadsheet today.

    Marhaini said there was a difference between treating animals well and “purposely touching dogs” and in the case of last Sunday’s event, the goal cannot justify the means.

    “In Islam, what is haram is haram… Just because you supposedly want to correct negative perception of Muslims towards dogs it does not mean you can permit what is haram,” she added, saying that the event organiser should taken into consideration the “sensitivities” of the Muslim majority in Malaysia and not try to change or challenge it.

    Yes, yes, of course. The fact that you are stupid is entirely Islam’s fault. That is the unassailable truth.

    UPDATE: And we learn officials are going to “thoroughly investigate” the dog petting event!

    Islamic Development Department (Jakim) will conduct a thorough investigation on the organising of the “I Want To Touch A Dog” event that took place at Central Park, One Utama near Petaling Jaya yesterday.

    Jakim director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha said the programme should not have taken place and Jakim regretted the irresponsible attitude of the organisers who were not concerned with the sensitivities of Muslims in the country.

    “This event has never been held prevously and is the first time being exposed to the community. We are Muslims and our religion has stated clearly the penalty regarding dogs.

    Speaking of Malyasia, I wrote awhile back about the controversy in that country regarding whether the Koran-prescribed amputations should be carried out by doctors or butchers (seriously, you can’t make this shit up). Well, now a solution to that seems to be at hand.

    The amputation will be done by “trained professionals” appointed by the state sultan, New Straits Times reported today, citing Datuk Dr Mohamed Fadzli Hassan, the deputy chairman of the state technical committee on the Syariah Criminal Code II Enactment.

    He credited the proposal on ways to execute hudud punishments to a team of muftis, academics and professionals during a two-day discussion in Kota Baru that ended Tuesday.

    Hallelujah! What a marvelous accomplishment, and use of time!

    “It was recommended that the job be carried out by trained professionals appointed by the sultan. Their duty will be to carry out the amputations and nothing else.”

    Dear Islam: thank you for making people think dogs are offensive, yet in practice make dogs superior to themselves in the opinion of anyone with a minimum sense of decency.

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