• British Protesters Promise “Conquest of India”, Followed By Enactment of Sharia


    If you want to know the kind of person Islamic ideology frequently turns people into, let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth. That is, if you can finish watching this video without throwing up.
    There is nothing new about Islamists’ calling India an enemy state and demanding her to be conquered as a way for implementation of Sharia. What is new (perhaps), however, is the flagrant expression of such demands in the UK.

    As growing numbers of left leaning political ideologues are discovering much to their dismay, Islam is not all so popular an ideology in Western nations, with large numbers of respondents telling pollsters that there are too many Muslims in their societies, and that Islam is a serious threat to democracy. (Such sentiments no doubt played a part in the recent elections in the UK.) As it happens, though, these enablers of Islamic irresponsibility have a rather nasty habit of shooting the messenger: if you point out problems in Islamic ideology leading to the kind of behavior that doesn’t exactly make someone win the popularity contest (as in the video above), then you are the problem, not the said ideology. Well, dear PC police, you are more than welcome to keep your heads buried deeply in the sand; reality, as it happens, does not care.

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    Article by: No Such Thing As Blasphemy

    I was raised in the Islamic world. By accident of history, the plague that is entanglement of religion and government affects most Muslim majority nations a lot worse the many Christian majority (or post-Christian majority) nations. Hence, I am quite familiar with this plague. I started doubting the faith I was raised in during my teen years. After becoming familiar with the works of enlightenment philosophers, I identified myself as a deist. But it was not until a long time later, after I learned about evolutionary science, that I came to identify myself as an atheist. And only then, I came to know the religious right in the US. No need to say, that made me much more passionate about what I believe in and what I stand for. Read more...