• Hilarious: Meet the Newest Victims of the “Islamophobia” Smear Campaign

    Google's autofill when you punch in "Barack Hussein Obama is"
    Google’s autofill when you punch in “Barack Hussein Obama is”

    There we go again, with the joke that is “Islamophobia”. While in the past I have maintained that I don’t believe such a thing even exist, I am willing to revisit that statement, if by “Islamophobia” you mean what Islamists’ whine about when they don’t get everything they demand. Here is their most recent list of culprits (i.e. “Islamophobes”) who have failed to comply 100% with Islamist desires, and the number one prize goes go (drum rolls, please):

    Barack Obama.

    Yes, the very US president who has been the target of the most bizarre accusations by the Christian Right in the US (from lying about his place of birth, to being a secret Muslim, to being the “antiChrist”-lol) is viewed by Islmists are the worlds number one “Islamophobe”. And his “transgressions”:

    Obama had been nominated by the public for “just about everything” – a charge that covers his continuation of drone strikes in the Muslim world as well as the failure to close the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention centre, and the introduction of the National Defense Authorisation Act that effectively ‘Guantanamises’ the whole USA.


    There are a number of “regional” characters named, in addition to “world’s number one Islamophobe” Obama:

    As well as a chief Islamophobe award, an award is given to the worst Islamophobe in each of five geographical areas in line with the votes received from the participating public.

    Let’s meet some of them:

    In Asia and Australasia, the top prize went to the unlikely figure of Burmese freedom and democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi.

    The 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner was nominated for her continuing refusal to back citizenship calls by the country’s oppressed Rohingya Muslim minority.

    As a matter of context, Suu Kyi is a woman who withstood decades of house arrest and separation from her husband and children, for the cause of democracy in her home country of Burma. (Her story is dramatized in the 2011 movie “The Lady“). Also, of note, her inclusion in the Islamists’ hate list is purely due to omission, not commission. All that she has endured for the freedom of her people wins her nothing but a curse from Islamists as long as she doesn’t do what they want.

    Time Magazine cover-International edition
    Time Magazine cover-International edition

    To be sure, the list of “Islamophobes” is not limited to non-Muslims. Muslims themselves can be tainted as “Islamophobes”, if their actions do not meet Islamist expectations:

    The clear winner in The Middle East and Africa was Egypt’s General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the army general who conducted a bloody campaign to remove and then ban the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood and put the Arab world’s most populous nation firmly back on the road to military rule.

    General el-Sisi certainly has won Islamists’ wrath. No word on weather the tens of millions of Egyptian Muslims whose street protests lead to el-Sisi’s removal of the Brotherhood from power are also “Islamophobes” or not.

    Anti-Brotherhood protest in Egypt
    “Muslim Islamophobes”?

    Despite putting together this list that is oozing with hilarity, Islamists want us to know they are dead serious.

    Although the Islamophobia Awards are intended to be a tongue in cheek poke at public figures of all stripes, they do carry a serious message.

    Islamophobia is on the rise all over the world, particularly in the West, and the event serves to focus attention on the problem.

    Islamophobia leads to viewing Muslims as a greater security threat on an institutional, systemic and societal level and perceiving their views to be intrinsically problematic, violent or unethical.

    I guess that would include pointing out Islamic organizations failure to renounce¬†violence in the name of religion (even in Western nations), their all-but-universal misogyny and homophobia, their equating of women to decaying food, their holding of underage “marriages” (aka, sexual abuse of children), their viewing of other people’s failure to live by Islamic standards as “immoral”, or their efforts to force women to stay in, and keep silent about, abusive relationships.

    No wonder Islamists view public awareness of all this as a “problem”.



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