• God’s Message Is Clear: No Medical Waste Disposal!

    If you believe followers of various faiths, specifically Christianity and Islam, there is not doubt that God is constantly trying to communicate different messages to us.

    So here, we have a great example of God sending us a message clear as mud, almost literally. And the group presuming to interpret God’s message for the rest of us: Operation…what?

    Operation Rescue, based in Kansas, has engaged in protests at abortion clinics and uses visible displays of aborted fetuses to deliver its anti-abortion message. The group defines itself as a “pro-life Christian activist organization.”

    And this is how they interpret Hurricane Issac as a message from God:

    “Heaven sent a hurricane to hold off Gov. Romney’s coronation, so today we’re urging pro-life GOP delegates to abstain from any voting on Romney’s nomination until all GOP financial support for Todd Akin is reinstated and details of Romney’s income tax returns in connection with Bain’s Stericycle investment have been made public,” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said.

    See, if you have been thinking that “medical expert” and Senate candidate Tom Akin has been left without friends because he called some rapes “legitimate” (as opposed to illegitimate?), you were wrong.

    Anti-abortion groups have come to the defense of Akin even as the Republican establishment both nationally and in Missouri have called on the lawmaker to drop out of the race against Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) in favor of a candidate they view as more electable.

    And what is a “Stericycle”?

    Stericycle is a medical waste disposal company in which Bain Capital invested, according to Mother Jones. Other reports have said Romney had no specific connection to the investment in the company.

    Are we clear people? Stop investing in medical waste disposal companies. Immediately. Otherwise God will send hurricanes. Or something.

    In related new, we learn that according to the Christian Broadcasting Network, Tampa was saved a direct hit by Issac due to prayer. So, now we know whom to sue for any damages/casualties it may cause in Mississippi and Louisiana.




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    Article by: No Such Thing As Blasphemy

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