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Posted on May 2, 2013 in FFRF banner, government, local, politics, prayer, separation of church and state | 8 comments

Protesting May 2 “Circle the Square with Prayer” event

1367454802880Post event reporting will be available the evening of 5/3/13 – JV

Last week, I saw a banner erected on Wilkes-Barre’s Public Square recognizing the National Day of Prayer and promoting an upcoming “Circle the Square With Prayer” event — hosted by the National Day of Prayer Committee of NEPA — in which Northeastern Pennsylvanians will gather with false hope – that their perceived communication with an alleged deity who not only cares about human affairs, but also will engage in divine intervention responding to their particular local concerns while natural disasters created by the same alleged deity ravage humanity and animalkind.

While I do not like using the word ‘privilege,’ I find this quite fitting when considering a banner I had — with help of the Freedom From Religion Foundation — helped erect in response to religious displays on Public Square. Hours after my holiday freethought banner was lawfully erected by city workers, a pompous Christian had vandalized the banner and later appeared on television (see below) and talkradio to brag about his exploits.