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Posted on Jul 11, 2012 in COLTS, local, NEPA Freethought Society bus campaign | 1 comment

Support for “Atheists.” bus ad from local resident

Supportive e-mail from local resident

Last night, I received a supportive e-mail from a resident of Northeastern Pennsylvania (presumably from Scranton) who would like to see the “Atheists” bus ad I proposed back in January [this is the prototype/mockup] on Lackawanna County buses. For those who may have missed the story, I proposed a very simple bus ad containing the word “Atheists.” and the url/name of my local freethought group…and was rejected on grounds that it was ‘an attack on religion,’ ‘would start a public debate about controversial issues,’ and more. Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta called this ad — and rightly so — the most inoffensive atheist bus ad ever.

I haven’t given up, either, even after being rejected two times; I am currently working with an organization to resolve this issue by placing the ads on county buses. Time will tell…

For the full story, click here for the ‘living narrative.’