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Posted on Jun 28, 2012 in my appearances, philosophy, respect, westboro baptist church | 1 comment

Radio appearance discussing upcoming college talk

Reap and I at American Atheists’ 2012 Annual Convention
I appeared on the June 27, 2012 episode of Reap Sow Radio to discuss my upcoming speaking engagement for a college-level philosophy course at Holy Apostles College and Seminary — a fully-accredited evangelical Catholic university — titled “Atheism and New Atheism.” For my initial comments and more information about this upcoming speaking engagement, read the corresponding blog post on the matter that has also been reproduced on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s website
Download or stream the episode here.
(Warning: NSFW – Some language)
I start talking about the class and much more– for about twenty minutes — around the 35 minute mark.

Enjoy…and check out Reap’s podcast, “The Angry Atheist,” which has more than 85 episodes — a new atheist in almost every episode — featuring Todd Stiefel, Peter Boghossian, my friend Trinity, Bridget Gaudette of the new Secular Woman group, Friendly Atheist Hemant MehtaEmily Dietle, my friend and fellow NEPA Freethought Society member Karla Porter, D.J. Grothe, and many more! I was even on in June 2011! [Sorry, can’t get everyone here.]