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Posted on Jun 22, 2012 in evolution, religion and science, science | 6 comments

A creationist sent me a DVD

On June 8, I protested the “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rally — which was an interesting hodgepodge of people rallying against Obama and the Affordable Care Act — in Scranton, PA. You can read about my protesting experience at the rally and see my pictures — mainly of the ralliers holding some really awkward signs ranging from “God’s law comes first. Repeal socialist Obamacare!” to “The pill causes cancer” — from the rally here.

While at the rally, at least one man spoke to me about ‘creation science’ and creationism following asking me if I — to quote his words — “believe in evolution.” He said that he wanted to send me DVDs in the mail, so I told him this was fine as long as he paid the postage. Surprisingly, the man delivered…and left his cell phone number on the bottom of this note (the DVD covers it). Perhaps after watching — whether or not I can even make it through the two hours — I can sell this online? With a retail value of $24.95, it should sell for something…

This is a great improvement from hate mail I have received (both online and via snail mail) from my Aunt Lori, Aunt Carol, anonymous commenters, [former] college classmates, semi-professional wrestlers, library workers, soccer players, many people from Northeastern Pennsylvania including high-school bullies and people in the military, and people wishing me an unmerry Christmas who think I should have been expelled from college [and note that Mohammad and Beelzebub are proud of me].

Maybe, though, it isn’t an improvement….