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Posted on May 30, 2012 in government, local, separation of church and state | 0 comments

I discuss the ‘Scranton Firefighter Prayer Memorial’ on ReapSowRadio

(Image from ReapSowRadio’s website)

My previous blog post discussed what seems to be an Establishment Clause violation in Scranton, PA. To quickly recap, the city of Scranton spent $50,000 to erect a memorial on city hall property which includes something titled “A Firefighter’s Prayer,” the unveiling ceremony included an evangelical priest who had given a benediction, and bagpipes that played “Amazing Grace.”

I appeared on ReapSowRadio — an internet radio show featuring hosts Reap Paden and Al Stefanelli — mainly to discuss this Establishment Clause issue, but also briefly speak about “The Year of the Bible,” the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) refusing the “Atheists.” ad I proposed to be placed on county buses, and other problems COLTS has been facing including fare increases, route closures, a former employee charged with sexual harassment, and the bus driver — Daniel Wittenbreder — who sent me threats. I appear around the 21 minute mark and sign off around the 42 minute mark.

Download this episode of ReapSowRadio here.