• Redditor’s Digest: What bothers you, but you never complain because you’d seem like an asshole?


    Frustration Reddit.com is great for many things, but one I particularly enjoy is hearing semi-anonymous public opinion on interesting questions. The most popular answers have hundreds or thousands of votes. Here are the top 10 as of right now. If you visit the links and see extensive discussion over all of these.

    What is something that genuinely bothers you, but you never complain about because you’d seem like an asshole?

    1. When someone has the volume on their phone up and are constantly receiving notifications. Also when someone is constantly on their phone while we’re doing something. 

    Good advice, shut off the noise making in any social situation.

    2. When people complain to me about their financial issues but spend a fuckton of money on completely unnecessary crap.

    3. Slow walkers. I wouldn’t want to be an asshole and yell at people on the street for walking at their own pace.

    The top reply to this adds an important bit: obliviousness and not paying attention such that slow movers are often blocking foot traffic and can’t be bothered to notice. Huge pet peeve for me.

    4. People interrupting me with no awareness of it.

    I notice this and am annoyed by it, literally every day. In some social and professional functions, I have an unstated rule: if I am interrupted or talked-over without acknowledgement or apology twice, I leave the situation/conversation/event.

    5. People who are bad at reading aloud.

    6. People who have the right of way driving and wave you ahead of them.

    If you would just drive by the rules and conventions then it would be a safer smoother drive. Now the people behind you are breaking unnecessarily and unexpectedly. Your kindness while appreciated is really causing more harm than good. Thank…but just drive like you’re supposed to.

    Yes. Unless there are special circumstances, it is best for everyone if you just follow the rules we all understand. I don’t mind waiting a few seconds. Really.

    7.  The Smile Police

    Sorry but all those reminders to ‘turn that frown upside down’ as a child turned me into a conscientious objector. I’ll try to grin & bear it as you ridicule my ‘death looks’ with your lovely sarcasm but no guarantees.

    This one probably targets women more than men. I’ve rarely heard this in my life, in spite of some degree of resting angry-face. But if I did, I would be inclined to tell such a person where to go.

    8. It bothers me that people keep severely brain damaged people alive in the nursing home I work at. Like, why? You’re paying thousands of dollars a month to keep someone in a near coma alive… For what? It’s cruel.

    We’re more humane to our pets than our family members.

    9. When people stop the entire lecture just to ask a really obvious question to the teacher.

    This doesn’t bother me, if that person really needed to know. But it does bother me if the question is self-indulgent and others don’t get to ask real questions because of the time wasted.

    10. Crying babies. I know that complaining makes me the asshole so I’d obviously never do it but GOD is that sound annoying!

    Bonus: The most controversial answers, as rated by reddit’s algorithm.

    How people think transgenered (sic) men or women should be 100% treated as the sex they identify with.

    I’m single now, so I went to a bar near my new place, I needed good beer, wings, and hopefully sex. The amount of heavy women wearing tight clothes in this bar almost made me not drink my first beer. But I stuck it out. I hate to say it, but can’t you take care of yourself a bit. Or at least wear roomier clothes. I have nothing against a little chub, I like thick women, but most of these women were beyond that. Then they cake on makeup and show cleavage.

    Overly flamboyant homosexuals. I honestly I don’t a problem with gay people but it does bother me when people make it their identity. I think it attracts too much unwanted attention and I find it cringing.

    Pretty much the entire LGBT movement. I get it, you are a woman who likes other women, a man who likes other men etc. Can I please get to know something else about you than your sexuality. I am seriously tired of all the exposure about someone’s sexual preferences or sexual identity. There is much more to a person than this, and seeing all the fuss around who someone chooses to fuck is simply stupid to me. (S)he is free to choose for him/herself.

    I hate how people talk about smoking and smokers as if they’re inhuman. Everyone has habits that are gross, people need to keep their opinions to themselves. Especially the opinion on secondhand smoke. You would have to spend every day surrounded by smokers to actually get something. Secondhand smoke is a concern for people in their 50s, who likely grew up surrounded by smokers indoors. The fact that every special snowflake complains if a smoker is in sight is about as ignorant as it gets. Their exposure is so much more limited, secondhand smoke is on the same level as car exhaust. Are you gonna harass someone as they get out of their car? No? Then stfu.

    Most of the these are to do with sex and sexuality, and have few upvotes, or negative numbers of net upvotes. That’s well to see. You guys really are assholes.

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