• If pop music titles were peer reviewed by scientists

    grinder?Papers published in most reputable academic journals are peer reviewed with a focus on exacting, if not excruciatingly pedantic, accuracy and objectivity. This tends to increase clarity and limit hubristic excess. But it can also kill readability, creativity, and digestibility of a writing. A necessary trade-off (Steven Pinker disagrees), but either way, them’s the breaks.

    Today, I wondered what pop music titles might look like if they were put through the academic peer review grinder. How many can you recognize? ♫

    1. The sufficiency of limerent attachment

    2. Members of the hereditary oligarchy

    3. Excavation of a group 11 precious transitional metal

    4. Semiotics of pastry as patriotic metaphor in the United States

    5. Motivated satiety achievement fails to reach unity

    6. Autocentric loss of theistic beliefs and practices

    7. Visualization of counterfactuals

    8. Information received through a serial sequence of interpersonal relays

    9. Unity

    10. Events subsequent to relationship defection

    11. Statistically maximal outlier

    12. Airway constriction as a result of cherubic assault

    13. The demand to exert a pressure in the direction of travel

    14. Current inflorescence

    15. Inadvisability of mortality phobia

    16. Rhythmic musical performer of diminutive stature

    17. Alternative mating strategy Sue: A case study

    18. Minor additive effects of companionate social support

    19. Pseudo-ritualistic theistic communion

    20. Recommended bipedal procedure

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  • Article by: Edward Clint

    Ed Clint is an evolutionary psychologist, co-founder of Skeptic Ink, and USAF veteran.