• IIG Investigator blows lid off “Flying Reindeer” Scandal

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    North Pole, Alaska— Amid complaints of “gotcha journalism” and an anti-Yule agenda,  Dan Geduld of the Independent Investigations Group confronted a proponent of the controversial “aerial reindeer” theory last December. A potential financial beneficiary of the claim, the local reindeer farmer claims that the evidence is clear. Unexplained sleigh and deer tracks and noises from area rooftops are circumstantial at best, but harder to explain are the vanishing milk and cookies. “Minimally, the hypothesis requires an empty glass. Skeptics can’t explain all the empty glasses,” an insider who asked not to be identified, told Skeptic Ink Monday. They continued, “It’s such an absurd lie to make up, vanishing cookies and milk, why would anyone lie about that? Also, will you please stop calling?”

    Geduld was not intimidated. His intensive research turned up some uncomfortable truths. Check out the full video here as he puts corporate Big-Kringle’s feet to the Yule fire.


    [Full disclosure: I am a member and shameless promoter of the IIG. The content of this article can only pompously be called an article because it is a blog post and does not reflect the opinions, beliefs, or position of the Skeptic Ink Network© even though I co-founded the network and rule it with an iron fist. Hell, maybe it doesn’t reflect the opinions, beliefs, or position of Incredulous or me personally, I mean why not.]

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  • Article by: Edward Clint

    Ed Clint is an evolutionary psychologist, co-founder of Skeptic Ink, and USAF veteran.