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    Fighting the Fakers

    The Amaz!ng Meeting
    2013 Las Vegas, NV July 11-14

    The JREF recently announced a slew of exciting programming for upcoming The Amaz!ng Meeting, adding to an already stellar line-up. New additions include philosophy professor Peter Boghossian, science journalist Faye Flam. Boghossian is the author of the upcoming A Manual for Creating Atheists and Flam has done extraordinary work combating intelligent design and global warming denial. I am very much looking forward to hearing from both, and to share a program with them!

    Skeptic Ink is sponsoring it’s own TAM workshop Blogging Skepticism featuring myself, John Loftus, the JREF’s own Maria Myrbeck, Russell Blackford, Jacques Rousseau, and Caleb Lack. I very much wanted Maria Maltseva and Rebecca Bradley on board as well but they are not able to attend TAM for personal and schedule-conflict reasons. Nonetheless, it’s a sharp and dynamic group (if I may say so myself) that I’m very excited to be a part of. I’d suggest taking a look at the individual sites linked above to learn a but more about them if you happen not to follow them already. The workshop is at 8:00 am on Thursday, July 11th, among the very first events at TAM this year.

    Blogging Skepticism
    In an internet sea of princely Nigerian bankers, psychic storefronts, and echo chambers where opinions concentrate into a near-singularity, can skeptics on the web make a difference? What role should skeptic bloggers play in the new media landscape? Find out at this workshop and discussion with some of the Skeptic Ink Network’s finest… It’s the best workshop, ever -Abraham Lincoln.

    We look forward to seeing you at TAM!

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  • Article by: Edward Clint

    Ed Clint is an evolutionary psychologist, co-founder of Skeptic Ink, and USAF veteran.