• Skeptic Ink gains SINergy

    We’re delighted to unveil the new media room here at Skeptic Ink, SINergy. Skeptic Ink is not just a community of writers, but a dynamic group of skepticism communicators and vocal public advocates. Advocating and communicating skepticism is not merely about writing and analysis (although that has an important place) but engaging the public with presentations, talks, debates, television/radio/podcast appearances, interviews with fascinating people and much more.

    Here at Skeptic Ink, we like to keep innovating to serve you better, so please let us know what you think.

    You can see all SINergy content from me by going to skepticink.com/sinergy/author/clint (and likewise for the other sites).

    Category: Skeptic Ink News and Report

  • Article by: Edward Clint

    Ed Clint is an evolutionary psychologist, co-founder of Skeptic Ink, and USAF veteran.