• Emergency Post on the Coronavirus Crisis

    UPDATE: A stimulus bill has been passed. The New York Times provides a useful summary here.
    The following is what I just sent to my senator, Kiersten Sinema. Please contact your senator and let them know what is on your mind, the number to get you connected to them is 202-225-3121. If their voicemail is full, look them up online and send an email. We have to do this. We cannot let another crisis as bad or worse than 2008 befall us.

    The citizens of America need $2,000 direct cash payments along the lines Senator Sanders is proposing. Many people, myself included, are out of work suddenly due to the coronavirus. 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck,* and for those out of work this crisis can only spell disaster and debt. Those remaining in the workforce can simply spend the money and reinvigorate the economy. Giving money to people will indirectly help businesses. On the other hand, giving money directly to businesses does not ensure that people, especially those out of work, will be taken care of. The 2008 crisis was devastating, it even left some people unable to afford food. But we might be in for far worse, depending on just how high unemployment surges and how long it lasts. Please fight for us Kiersten.
    Nicholas Covington

    • Source: press.careerbuilder.com/2017-08-24-Living-Paycheck-to-Paycheck-is-a-Way-of-Life-for-Majority-of-U-S-Workers-According-to-New-CareerBuilder-Survey

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    Article by: Nicholas Covington

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