• Be It Resolved: Meat Causes Cancer.

    I have been studying nutrition more and more, and currently lean towards a whole food, plant based diet as the optimal one. I was watching a clip of “The Doctors” who brought on Garth Davis to represent the whole foods point of view (clip here).

    It was eye opening to see just how bad the docs were at defending themselves. Davis points out that the longest lived human societies eat tiny amounts of meat and that meat is a carcinogen, and the only response from the cowardly hosts is to totally misrepresent everything he says. He clearly said Okinawans get 80% of their calories from carbs, not just rice.

    Davis was told, in response to his point that meat is carcinogenic, that “the sun is carcinogenic.” Uh, right. That is exactly why people are warned of skin cancer for using tanning beds or excessive sun bathing. Too much UV raises your chance of developing skin cancer. In like manner, excessive meat consumption is to be avoided for the same reason, and many others (including raised risk of heart disease). The average American eats about ten times the amount of meat that Okinawans do. It was becoming more and more apparent to me that the Standard American Diet is complete garbage (as are “low carb diets”) and that a whole food plant based diet was correct, and I think this sealed the deal. Case closed. Meat should be a marginal part of the diet at best, 8 oz or less per week. 

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Youtube comments demonstrate strongly that pretty much everyone who watched this caught on to what was going on. Here were some of the first displayed (I figure that’s as good as a random sample, and going through some of the other comments paints the same picture):

    “This is so hard to watch. Dr Garth Davis is the only one who knows what he’s talking about.”

    “So apparently the World Health Organization cherry picked 900 studies? Lol”

    “I hate how the doctors just say ‘you’re wrong’ ‘That’s not true’ ‘It’s cherry picking’ etc. etc. And don’t give any evidence or reason behind why they’re saying that. At least the guy sitting in the audience is giving studies and research. It’s just a screaming fest rather than a civilized debate and letting the other person talk.”

    “The Doctors are obviously being supported by the meat and dairy industry, otherwise I’m 110% certain their opinions would be very different!”

    “Thank you Dr Garth Davis to stand for health and not for money. Carbs makes you lean. Meat is toxic.”

    “He said carbohydrates not rice you lying, meat-funded bafoon He did not say that Okinawans eat mostly rice.”

    “One doctor schooling 4 doctors, garth davis is a refreshing addition!”

    “The ‘doctors’ are shills. they have no integrity. they’re liars and have a strong financial bias. I love that Dr Davis called these people liars to their smug faces. People, do your own research. You’ll discover that a whole food plant based diet is the optimal diet for humans, period.”

    “People still watch this show? It’s a joke and they are just industry shills”

    “THANK YOU Dr. Garth Davis, for seeking truth amid so much industry funding and personal denial of hearing those truths.”

    “Travis go home and cry to mommy….you are a joke!!”

    “‘This is the most unscientific discussion that I have ever had in my life.’ Cue the freeze frame and Thug Life music with the shades and blunt. Cuz that line killed em.”

    “These doctors are bums! Go Garth Davis!”

    “I’m sorry….. The main doctors on this show are so idiotic. This was an attack not informative.This show should be canceled so people can stop listening to stupids and actually start learning from people who know what they are talking about.”

    “Dr Garth should have his own show. He rocked it! The truth will prevail!”

    “Holy, the doctors on stage are being made to look like fools blabbering about their opinions. Dr. Davis is handing them all their asses. Bravo Dr. Davis, you deserve your title.”

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    Article by: Nicholas Covington

    I am an armchair philosopher with interests in Ethics, Epistemology (that's philosophy of knowledge), Philosophy of Religion, Politics and what I call "Optimal Lifestyle Habits."