• Progressives Re:Midterm

    Jimmy Dore did a great analysis of the midterms with Nick Branna (of Forapeoplesparty.org).

    Tim Canova recently said, “Election integrity and security isn’t a partisan issue. It shouldn’t be at least. When Snipes illegally destroyed all the paper ballots in our 2016 Democratic primary against Wasserman Schultz, only one ballot destroyed was mine. The rest were yours and barely anyone cared.” (For more details see Tim’s recent piece in the Sun Sentinel).

    There has also been suspicion in the recent Georgian gubernatorial race, and I need not mention the issues inherent in the 2016 primary and general.

    The first step of getting America’s politics together is making sure our vote counts are accurate. I suggest a simple system of having ballots hand counted by both Democrats and Republicans (possibly libertarians and Greens too, in areas in which those parties could gather enough volunteers to serve as yet another vote count). Whether my suggestion is ultimately what America decides is beside the point though: if our voting system is crooked, as seems likely, it could matter less who runs or how hard they campaign.

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    Article by: Nicholas Covington

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