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    Hi there!

    It’s been a while… Too long. I can hardly believe 6 months have gone by with no blogging. I took a break from the blog in part because my life was becoming busier and I wanted to pay more attention to other life goals, and I will still be slow. However, I am going to continute publishing. In the works now are a couple of blog posts including a new one about the Christ Myth theory.

    I also have an interest in doing youtube videos, and would love to find someone to collaborate with. I’d do the narration on some topic of philosophy and they would do the animation to go with it.

    In my book Atheism and Naturalism, I pointed out that Occam’s razor (the principle that the simplest explanation is most probably correct) could be justified with the following analogy: if you had to pick between renting a car with one problem and a car with five problems, you’d choose the car with just one problem, because given the information you have a one-problem car is the best bet. Turns out, this analogy is real and the solution I came up with by pure reason has been demonstrated by observation. From Seth Miller:

    “An internal combustion engine drivetrain contains about 2,000 parts, while an electric vehicle drivetrain contains about 20. All other things being equal, a system with fewer moving parts will be more reliable than a system with more moving parts.

    “And that rule of thumb appears to hold for cars. In 2006, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimated that the average vehicle, built solely on internal combustion engines, lasted 150,000 miles.

    “Current estimates for the lifetime today’s electric vehicles are over 500,000 miles.”

    Never underestimate good a priori reasoning.


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    Article by: Nicholas Covington

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