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    * Blogger Natural Reason is doing his own series about Carrier’s new book. Looks great so far! He’s discussing things that I did not (I only discussed portions of the book that I was interested in) and providing good food for thought.

    * I found an old blog post on Vridar discussing the Ascension of Isaiah. While I feel unsure about many of the author’s speculations, I think his arguments for a radically early dating of “The Vision of Isaiah” are fair, and innovative. If he is correct that the Vision dates to the 30’s or 40’s CE, this will stand as a near conclusive piece of evidence for mythicism (Carrier argues that the Vision depicts a Jesus who was crucified in the lower heavens by Satan and his angels, see especially pp.41-42 in On the Historicity).

    * The Podcast Reasonable Doubts just did an interview with Bart Ehrman on his latest book, How Jesus Became God.

    * Be sure and check out Aeon Bytes Gnostic Radio. Lots of great interviews relating to ancient history / Jesus mythicism. I especially liked the interview with Acharya S when she discusses some of the founding fathers and other historical figures who endorsed mythicism.

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