• On the Historicity of Jesus INDEX.

    Here are all the posts that I have written on Richard Carrier’s book On The Historicity of Jesus:

    Part 1 – In which we talk about the ‘prior probability’ of the myth hypothesis.

    Part 1a – On the Mythic Hero Archetype.

    Part 2 – The Achilles’ Heel of Mythicism: James, The Brother of the Lord.*

    Part 2a – My response to Richard Carrier’s response to part 2.*

    Part 3 – The Gospels as Symbolism.

    Part 3a – The pre-Christian Jesus in Philo.*

    Part 4 – The Demons of 1 Corinthians.*

    Part 5 – The Proclaimer and the Proclaimed.

    Part 6 – The Silence of the Pauline Letters.

    Part 7 – The Absence of Paul from the Gospels – Evidence against Mythicism?*

    Part 8 – Evidence from Hebrews.

    Part 9 – Updates and Revisions.

    Part 10 – Enoch and Jesus.

    Part 11 – Conclusion.

    Part 12 – More on Philo’s Jesus.

    Seed of David, Take Two – **OF INTEREST** Includes Original Observations and Comments about Romans 1:3 – “The Seed of David” passage; And why it is completely compatible with the Christ Myth theory.

    Carrier has written responses to Part 1, Part 2, Part 2a,  Part 3, Parts 4 & 5,and Parts 6 through 11.and a response to Seed of David, Take Two. Since Carrier and I pretty much agree on Part 1, I’ll only be responding to Part 2. I’ll have to think over the considerations Carrier brought up in his response to Part 2a, but overall my current thought is that the ‘James brother of the Lord’ reference counts as evidence for a historical Jesus, albeit even more modest than I thought even in my initial analysis, and I may change my mind on this in the future.

    I will try to make a point to keep this updated, but if notice something missing that should be included please let me know in the comments.

    *If you read the post with an asterisk by it, be sure and read Part 9, as I have somewhat revised the conclusions I came to in these posts.


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